Mindful of the great pain and suffering that the pandemic storm is causing to our great country, Concord International Group created a branch named Ueasy whose mandate is to provide products and services to Canadian families and businesses, both public and private, in their fight against the negative repercussion of COVID-19.

Ueasy has secures supplies of Personal Protection Equipment or PPE, healthcare and hygienics products, plexiglass and plastic separation which offer protection in closed in spaces. Ueasy also has a qualified team to assess the needs and requirements of your business and provide solution to create a safe environment both to operate from.

Ueasy has two locations in Montreal to serve your immediate needs. For those who prefer not to come in person or live in other parts of Canada, we also offer an online shopping and delivery services.

At Ueasy, we believe that every Canadian family, business or institution deserves to be protected. Our goal is to aid Canadian society, including but not limited to daycares, schools, day camps, private and public place of businesses in their effort to combat the scourge of COVID-19. From single products to bulk sales, Ueasy is able to satisfy all your needs.

Our mission is to meet the challenge of our motto that “At the heart of uncertainty, there is always hope”.