With Concorde Education at your side, you are guaranteed a quality education.

Concorde Education goals is to help its clients in their aspiration to acquire an education that will guarantee a rewarding and fulfilling career.

Concord Education provides educational exchange and career development for foreign nationals who are interested in studying or upgrading their skills and development. Mindful of the growing Sino-Canadian relationship since the 1971 summit between Chairman Mao Ze Dong and Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, who travelled to China before President Richard M. Nixon of the United States, Concord Education has established an extensive co-operation network between Chinese and Canadian educational institutions. Thanks to this network we are in a position to register our Chinese clientele in a wide variety of primary, secondary and post-secondary educational institutions across Canada. Concord Education can also provide academic planning for students as well as help in settling in Canada.

In view of the changing international relationships, Concorde Education is committed to foster greater Sino-Canadian co-operation by promoting students exchange between Canadians and Chinese by establishing co-operation agreements between Canadian and Chinese educational institutions with the goal to offer exceptional educational opportunity and products both in Canada and China.

Concord Education has an establish network both in Canada and China which ensures a student the possibility to study anywhere in Canada or in China. Our network includes exceptional relationship with various educational institutions and school boards across Canada as well as China.

Concord Education team is composed of qualified education experts who are well versed in the Canadian and Chinese educational system and are committed to ensuring that the educational needs of our clients are satisfied and also to provide counseling to help them navigate the pitfalls they will experience due to the cultural and societal difference between Canada and China.

With Concord Education at your side, you are assured that of the upmost quality service.