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A Plus Immigration is locating in the central downtown of Montreal, the largest city in Quebec Province of Canada. A Plus Immigration has been handled by experienced immigration lawyers in various Canadian visa and immigration applications for many years and built up a very good, known reputation. It provides services of Canadian Express Entry, Quebec ARRIMA program, PEQ Graduate& Temporary Foreign Workers, LIMA application, Visitor/ Student/ Worker visas & extensions, Family Sponsorship, Counseling& Accompanying the Candidate to an immigration interview, and Provincial Nominee Program for Manitoba, New Brunswick, Saskatchewan, Newfoundland, Alberta, British Columbia, etc.

The difference between immigration lawyers and general immigration consulting companies is that immigration lawyers could take on difficult and complicated cases, even the cases that have been refused. All our business is handled by local immigration lawyers who have specialized in immigration and visas for almost 30 years. Once you become our contracted clients, our team will provide a comprehensive, high-quality service. Even for applicants with a history of refusal or multiple refusals, we could find out the reasons for refusal and reanalyze the applicant’s advantages and disadvantages, so that the re-application could be passed smoothly, or even go to court to resolve the reasons of refusal.

Rich experience, professional team, rigorous and serious attitude ensure the cases we take over with a high success rate and short processing time. A Plus Immigration is your best choice for any Canadian visas and immigration programs. The company is equipped with cordial and friendly paralegals or lawyer assistants to receive clients. You could communicate in either Chinese, English or French. Whether you send emails, make phone calls, or even walk-in inquiries, you will surely get satisfactory results. Contact us now to realize your immigration dream!

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